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Kids First Physiotherapy is a mobile children’s physiotherapy service based in Brisbane offering therapy at home, in the community and/or in a child-friendly clinic at Hear and Say, Ashgrove.  Young children, often respond best to therapy when it is in a familiar or relaxed environment.  Parents find it easier if there is a focus on how to put therapy into their child’s daily routine, using equipment and toys they already have at home.  This allows an individualised and effective therapy programme to be established, that fits best with your child and your family routine.

Kids First Physiotherapy specialises in providing early intervention physiotherapy to babies and young children.  It is a flexible and responsive Brisbane based mobile physiotherapist service, acting on acute referrals promptly. Click here to read more about what we do

Your child’s growth and development are both amazing and complex, with many factors that influence how and when milestones are reached.

Each skill achieved is a building block for the next. Sometimes challenges present from birth or emerge along the way, which halt or slow down your child’s progress. Kids First Physiotherapy can provide you and your child with the support needed to identify obstacles, facilitate achievements and establish strategies to allow your child to reach the next building block.

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Early intervention that is responsive to your child’s needs

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