Childrens Physiotherapist in Brisbane

We help your child learn, practice and master new skills

As your child learns new skills in physio sessions, you are shown how to help your child practice these skills as part of the daily routine, in order to master them.

Kids First Physiotherapy is a mobile children’s physiotherapy in Brisbane providing specialized and individualized care of the highest quality by a Paediatric Physiotherapist with a Masters degree and extensive post-graduate training.

You pay for therapy only.  You do not pay for administration support.  Your child is not seen by inexperienced or non-paediatric trained therapists. 

As a sole practitioner practice you can be assured your child will receive the highest quality and personalised care at all times, and you have ongoing direct contact with your child’s therapist.

Childrens Physiotherapist Brisbane

Therapy that is goal-directed and evidence-based

Therapy is child and family focused, goal directed and based on best available evidence. Progress is closely monitored to ensure therapy is effective. Therapy is provided over a specified block of time, with clear goals in mind. The frequency of sessions will depend on the specific needs of the child and family.

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kids Physiotherapist Brisbane

Mobile service

Kids First Physiotherapy offers a mobile service primarily for babies and young children who often respond best when seen at home or in familiar environments such as child care centres and kindergartens.  Your child may initially be assessed at a Kids First Physiotherapy clinic where a plan for home or community based therapy can be made.

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paediatric physiotherapist brisbane

Team Approach

Kids First Physiotherapy work closely with all allied health and medical professionals, child care workers and educational staff, who are involved with your child. With your consent, referral are made to other services if specific needs are identified.

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NDIS physiotherapist brisbane

Case management service

Case management services can be provided for your child, which may include helping you navigate through the various funding options available, linking you and your child in to eligible services, coordinating services involved, and researching equipment and resources your child may need.

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We are approved for the following funding options

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