Christine Jessop BPhty MPhty (Paeds) APA NPG, Bobath / NDT (Advanced Training), Paediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation (Competency and Advanced), Early Intervention Physiotherapy Brisbane

Christine is the Principal at Kids First Physiotherapy and provides Early Intervention Physiotherapy in Brisbane.  She has a Masters in Paediatric Physiotherapy and is Bobath / NDT trained.  She has also completed the Paediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Based Course 2016 in the US under Dr Rose Marie Rine, Dr Sylvette Wiener-Vacher and Dr Jennifer Christy, and in 2017 completed an Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation course in Sydney.  She has been a practising physiotherapist for 24 years with over 20 years of experience working with children.  She was a senior clinician at the Royal Children’s Hospital (Brisbane) where she worked for 14 years.  She also worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) for 3 years, and a further 3 years in community paediatrics (United Kingdom NHS, Education Queensland Special Education Units, Autism Queensland and Private Practice).

Christine has completed numerous post- graduate courses and workshops, including Advanced Bobath / Neurodevelopmental Therapy courses, Vestibular Rehabilitation courses, Feldenkrais training, NSW Government Lifetime Care and Support Authority courses in Case Management, Care Needs Review, CANS and PCANS. Christine is trained in assessments such as the WeeFIM, PCANS 2, CANS, HiMAT, OGS and the GMFM.  Christine recently completed the HINE workshop to be competent in the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination.  Christine has also attended numerous courses on the NDIS in preparation for its roll out in Brisbane.

Christine is dedicated to providing a quality service that is evidence based and effective in helping children realize their potential.  Your child’s needs and your family will come first in all aspects of therapy.

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Christine Jessop, NDIS Physiotherapist Brisbane

Eunice Woo BPhty (Hons), M.A.P.A., Bobath / NDT, Early Intervention Physiotherapy

Eunice is a Principal at Kids First Physio. She believes that Early Intervention makes positive changes in childrens’ development. She is motivated to see children and families achieve their goals and get the most out of life.

Eunice brings to the team extensive Early Intervention experience. She has been involved in childrens’ physiotherapy for over 15 years, including over 10 years with the Family and Early Childhood Service, Disability Services Queensland. Since graduating from the University of Queensland with First Class Honours, Eunice has completed training in numerous post-graduate courses and workshops, including Bobath/NDT (Foundational/ Baby/ Infant&Toddler/ Hydrotherapy/ Gait), Developmental Orthopaedics (Beverly Cusick), Toe walking (Liesa Persaud), Cardiorespiratory (Mary Massery), Taping (Martin & Yasukawa), and Total Motion Release – Tots (Susan Blum). Eunice adopts a transdisciplinary approach in therapy, using skills from Circle of Security, PlayConnect, and Making SENSE of the Senses.

Eunice’s well-rounded clinical background and collaborative team approach will ensure that therapy for your child is holistic, realistic, and family centred.

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Christine Jessop, NDIS Physiotherapist Brisbane

Therapy approaches and techniques used in sessions:

  • Neurodevelopmental / Bobath therapy
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Sensory motor approach
  • Play based model of therapy
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Individualized therapy
  • Feldenkrais techniques
  • PNF techniques
  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Wholistic approach
  • Child and family focused
  • Goal directed
  • Evidence based
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Early Intervention Physiotherapy Brisbane
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